Gas Discharge Visualization Test

We can measure people’s balance and strength pre- and post-laser using various kinesiological tests. We can see the eradication of Rouleaux formations under a microscope after lasering water and giving it to subjects whose blood shows the presence of such formations.

But is there a way to actually test and see whether lasered water is more energetic and vibrant than regular water?

Psy-Tek, a laboratory in Encinitas, California utilizes a technology known as Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization (EPI/GDV). Over a number of tests, the Lifeshield-lasered water showed a very significant increase in Average Intensity compared to the same water unlasered. A larger Average Intensity signifies that a larger number of electrons have been emitted. There is more activity in the water molecules, the water is more alive. More electrons are available to be absorbed by the body for a larger antioxidant effect. The presence of more electrons also means better absorption of the water by the body and more energy in the water sample.

Greater Average Intensity with the LifeShield-lasered water
Higher Average Intensity in water after being LifeShield lasered

You can download and read the full study here.

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