Rouleaux Blood Tests

Rouleaux formation is a non-specific finding in mammalian blood which suggests inflammation or some disease process. It has been observed and documented in all mammals. On this page is an example of Rouleaux formation which occurred after the test subject was given water that had been microwaved. The water being a carrier of information carried the toxic energy from the microwave into the subject’s body causing the Rouleaux formation to occur. After the remaining microwaved water was treated with the LifeShield Laser, the subject drank that water and his blood was retested and appeared perfectly normal. Another test documenting the efficacy of the LifeShield is the Gas Discharge Visualization test, comparing the water before and after it’s treated with the LifeShield.


The following example was done on a dog by a Veterinarian in Tampa Florida. The dog was ill and in the process of working up the dog a live cell blood analysis was done which demonstrated Rouleaux formation. The dog was given 30cc of water treated with the LifeShield laser and the dog’s blood was retested 5 minutes later at which time the Rouleaux formation was no longer present. Testing has been done on horses, cats and dogs and the same results have been observed as in humans.
Rouleaux Formation in dog’s blood sample

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