How to Use

The LifeShield Laser is easy to use

  1. The laser uses 2 AAA batteries. Insert both of the batteries with the negative pole facing the end cap (on/off) switch.
  2. When turning the laser on use the pad of your finger and press down until the beam appears. When you release the on/off button the laser turns off. If you press down firmly on the on/off button the laser will continue to stay on until you press down firmly to turn it off.
  3. Rotate the laser in a clockwise rotation when using it on food and water, or on areas of your pet’s body for pain control.
  4. For your pets, use the laser on all food and water.
  5. To treat water or food use the laser for approximately 8-10 rotations, at a distance of 1-2 inches, which is approximately 5 seconds.
  6. For direct treatment of pets, time may vary depending on severity of injury. Begin with a 1-2 minute cycle. Repeat as necessary
  7. For healthier plants and longer life of cut flowers use the laser on all water that you use to water your plants.
  8. Always use two high quality alkaline batteries of the same brand and always replace both batteries at the same time.


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