How it Works

How the LifeShield Laser Works

Positive frequencies have been programmed into the laser diode.

The LifeShield Laser is a 405nm violet blue low energy laser that uses coherent laser light to carry subtle energetic frequency information into water. Over 4,000 positive bio-resonate frequencies have been programmed into the laser diode and these frequencies are then transferred to the body of a plant or animal using the vehicle of water.

The LifeShield Laser when used on water and food appears to help counteract the damage of toxic substances e.g. sugar, toxic chemicals in food and the air, and other negative energetic sources e.g. microwaves.

The LifeShield Laser replaces negative frequencies with beneficial frequencies which then have a positive action on the bio-field of plants and animals. Plants and animals have innate intelligence that enables them to utilize the frequencies necessary for optimum performance.

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