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Top Vet Uses It On Every Patient


Issue: Compulsive chewing injury of tail

– from Palm Beach, FL

Name: Keeley, age 9

Issue: Allergies


“Keeley started with allergies at 10 months old. I spent hundreds of dollars on allergy tests to determine what she was allergic to. Turns out she is allergic to dust, dust mites, and grass. She was on allergy shots every 2 weeks that I administered for about 4 years. Then she went on steroids every other day for another 4 years which weren’t good for her kidneys. For the last year I have given her chlortabs every other day which did help with the itching but made her lethargic. I got my laser in May of this year and started lasering her underbelly twice a day. As long as I laser her twice a day, she is like a different dog!!! She is happy, peppy, and pretty much itch free!!! You can see from this picture that her coat looks good and she is a very happy dog! I absolutely LOVE the Lifeshield Laser! I thank you and Keeley thanks you!” -Randi S.    New Orleans, LA

Name: Schmutz, age 15 ½

Issue: Elevated Liver Enzymes for over 5 years

“Schmutz is my Cairn terrier. His liver enzymes had been elevated for at least 5 years. He was really starting to show signs of aging about 1 ½ to 2 years ago. I started to laser all of his food and water about 6 months ago and when he went into the vet’s office for his yearly check-up, the vet questioned how old he was and kept referring to his records all during the examination. He said, ‘This is not the dog I examined last year. He looks and acts like a puppy.’ When his blood work came back, his liver enzymes were in the normal range for the first time in almost 6 years. The vet said that he could easily see him reaching 20. The LifeShield Laser is an amazing product!!” -Sandi T.    New York City, NY

Name: Milly, age 5 year old Norwich terrier

Issue: Injured hip and leg

“Our 5-year old Norwich terrier injured herself. She could barely move. I thought about giving her one half baby aspirin. I gave her the homeopathic remedy, arnica. Still no improvement. Finally, I thought ‘of course, try the Lifehield Laser!’ I treated her back left hip and down her left leg for approximately two minutes. The next morning she. did not walk. She bounded out from her dog bed. She took a 3/4 mile walk later that day. Milly was 100 percent better. There have been no residual symptoms. We are sold on the Lifeshield Laser!” – Dr. Henry V.     North Canton, OH

Name: Peaches, age 15

Issue: Leg immobility

“My dog Peaches has been having problems with steps and losing her balance for about a month. She kept falling on her face while trying to climb the stairs to our bedroom. We started carrying her up steps and out of the car. I had taken her to visit our vet for a growth on her leg. He wrapped it and checked her back legs and said no pain pills were needed. I ordered a LifeShield Laser and applied it to her back legs and over the growth on her front paw. Day two she was able to go up the steps slowly. Day three, she was back to her old self again. She jumped up a double step by the lake where I walked with her.

Peaches has watched over me all these years, and I want to give her the best I can for her Golden Years. Thank you for bringing this laser into our lives.”
– Kandis L.    Westlake Village, CA

Name: Arab, aged horse

Issue: Lame leg

“I tried the laser on my horse. He was lame and my daughter had to call the veterinarian out. The vet prescribed medication and put him on stable rest. The medicine only brought very little improvement. So I decided it was time to use the laser. My son Alexander actually did the lasering and we filmed it all. It was amazing and I wish you could have been there to see it! The horse was more relaxed during the 20 minute lasering process than we’d ever gotten him on the heavily prescribed medicines.” – Cordula J. Austria

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