Water Memory

About 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by water……and mammalian bodies are also composed of approximately 75% water.

The LifeShield Laser programs water with positive beneficial frequencies. Because water does have memory, this positive information is passed to the bio-field and cells of plants and animals when they are fed this water. All living creatures then have the innate intelligence to know what to do with these life enhancing frequencies.

Water is critical for life. No living thing, plant or animal, can survive without adequate water for very long. Living creatures can survive for weeks without food. However, in a very short period of time they will perish without water.

Laser discs are used to store information. Water has the same capability of storing information. When one drinks water, whatever information the water is storing is brought into the body. That information could be positive or negative. Dr. Masuro Emoto has shown that water can be programmed by human intention and frequencies such as sound or light.

Below, a water study was done in a lab in Stuttgart Germany and demonstrates the extraordinary ability of water to retain information. [To view a more detailed scientific documentary on water memory, click here.] The physicist Gregg Braden has discussed vibrations at length. Water in all living organisms is affected by different frequencies.

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