Discount Code Sent from LifeShield

Congratulations. Kindly check your e-mail Inbox and even your Junk box now. A Hotmail/Live/Outlook e-mail account will typically trash our e-mails. Gmail addresses work better.

The discount code and link to the special report has been sent to the e-mail address you subscribed with. If you have not subscribed or did not use a valid e-mail address, then obviously you won’t receive anything.

If you successfully subscribed, you should have received two e-mails. E-mail #1 will be the first of our 6-part e-mail series entitled The LifeShield Laser: healing in the palm of your hand. E-mail #2 contains the report and discount codes and is entitled Your LifeShield Laser discount code and special report. If you received E-mail #1 but not the discount code/report e-mail, too, then open up the e-mail you did receive and reply to it. Mention that you never received your discount code and report. One will be dispatched to you.

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