Customer Menu Page

These links will take you to pages where you can log prospects as well as people who have already bought.

Pre-Sales Subscription Form
Encounter someone who says s/he might buy? Hand them a business card but also say, “We have a 6-part email series which explains the laser and its benefits very well. Let’s add your name to the list. You should get a confirmation e-mail sent to your Inbox. Just click on the link in that e-mail and you’ll start receiving the e-mails.” DO NOT SEND THEM THE SUBSCRIBE LINK! They’ll forget about it. Logon to the page with your phone in their presence and have them fill out the form in front of you.

After-Purchase Thank You Letter
After someone buys, you DO NOT need to send them a thank you letter. Go to this page, enter their name and e-mail, and they will be sent that letter automatically. The Sending Code field is required to prevent hackers from hijacking the form. This welcome e-mail gives them a download link for the manual, an After Sales Monthly Newsletter subscription form, and the contact form. Your goal from this automatic e-mail is to get them to subscribe to the newsletter so that they stay in touch and can be reminded to use the laser. You should be logging names and e-mails as soon as someone buys. If someone pays cash, as you’re collecting the payment ask them to fill out the details on this form.

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