30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand where you’re coming from. Some of the claims on our web site may seem unbelievable. Roses which live longer? A plant which grows 30% larger? The extended shelf life of a tomato?

So don’t believe a word we say. Try it out, not for 15 days or 20 days, but a full 30 days. Test it on your pets, plants, your fruits, your vegetables, your foods, on sugar, and on yourself to improve your balance. If, by that time, you feel like the LifeShield has done nothing, just send it back for a full refund.

$650 may seem like a lot to spend on a laser. It’s not. Once you see what the laser can do for you, you’ll use it everyday. Spread out over the course of a year, the laser won’t even cost you $2/day. And trust us, once you see the benefits, you’ll be using it a lot longer than just one year.

The 30-day money back guarantee applies for all lasers sold through the website. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us and arrange to have the laser returned. All returns must be in like-new condition, with no missing pieces. The full refund excludes a $19.99 restocking fee.

So what’s your worst case scenario? You buy the laser and use it diligently for 30 days and it does nothing. You’re out the $19.99 restocking fee. Then think of your best case scenario, that the LifeShield actually does everything we and prior customers claim it does. What would it mean to you if it only does half of what we claim? It still sounds like a mighty fine deal, where the upside clearly outweighs the downside.

We think we’ve done a good job of removing all the risk of you trying it. What’s left is the risk to you of not trying it.

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